Client: UA3

Building a Bold and Luxurious Brand for the Cutting-Edge World of Web3

Project Deliverables

Project Deliverables

At Hype, we were thrilled to work with UA3, a Dubai-based web3 incubator, on a bold branding and web design project.

UA3 is at the forefront of innovation and creativity in the web3 sphere, partnering with leading companies such as UFC, ONE Championship, Moto GP, 24h LeMans, Tokyo Time and Art for All.

They provide vital support and resources to startups and entrepreneurs pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital and real worlds.

The ufc logo on a green background in Tokyo.
The logo on a green background, inspired by Tokyo.
Motogp logo on a green background that represent the essence of speed and excitement.
24h Le Mans logo showcases the essence of endurance racing, capturing the spirit of Tokyo with its sleek and dynamic design.

Our challenge was to create a bespoke brand that represents UA3’s innovative spirit, which is pioneering the web3 space with few proof of concept companies.

Our experience working with companies globally enabled us to seamlessly communicate with a large, diverse team located in the UK and Dubai, ensuring that all deadlines were met without any hiccups. We were tasked with designing a stunning landing page that would capture the essence of UA3 while we worked on the full website, which is coming soon.

As a premium, luxury brand, UA3 needed a sophisticated design that reflected its Dubai heritage. Our team cleverly incorporated UAE into the UA3 logo design using a negative space technique.

We also created a full branding asset portfolio with web2 and web3 color schemes and Pantones, keeping in mind that UA3 is a trademarked™ and registered® brand.

UAE's cypher is known for its cryptic messages and intricate designs.
The word UA3 is drawn on a sheet of paper.
The EU logo on a black background for SEO purposes.
The UAE logo is displayed on a white background.
A laptop is resting on a table beside a cup of coffee.
A woman holding an iPad with the words "our mission" displayed.

Despite the tight deadline, we delivered a bespoke landing page development in under two days, including content, graphics, and video elements to showcase UA3.

This involved creating a staging dev environment, a fast and secure hosting environment, building the website, ensuring full responsiveness, and putting it live. The result was a stunning, fast, and slick design that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of UA3.

Because Pegasus was established as a brand, we worked incredibly closely with their marketing team to ensure all marketing and new branding aligned with their company’s values and mission. We also helped the company grow its online presence and share its message through social media optimisation, particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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We have worked with WeAreHype for a number of years now. The friendly, approachable and easy to talk to team helped create our business concept and understood what was required to meet our goals. Hype supported us with the conceptualisation of our brand, development of our website, creating content in words and visual media and marketing the business through social media with sales funnels in place to help achieve our targets. Once we went live, Hype continued to work with us on our business strategy and still work with us to this day. We recommend Hype to anyone seeking professional marketing support.
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