Client: Tastie Recruitment

Recruiting in Crisis: How We Helped Tastie Succeed During a Global Pandemic and BREXIT

Project Deliverables

Project Deliverables

Tastie is a company offering an alternative approach to traditional recruitment for employers in the hospitality industry.

Having nearly two decades’ experience in the hospitality industry, building and maintaining highly skilled teams, Tastie knows the industry inside-out, making it easy for them to match the right candidate to the right job.

Tastie’s founder, Aaron Mulliss, came to us with an idea of a company he needed to bring to life.

His business idea was unique: an alternative recruitment agency for the hospitality industry. Working with a company from conceptualisation means we had to cover everything, from value and brand identity formulation to website development, branding and marketing strategies.

However, there was just one small issue: Taste recruitment launched during the global pandemic and just after BREXIT, which has now gone down in history as one of the worst times for the hospitality industry. So, we had the task of helping Tastie succeed when all the odds were against them. 

The Website & Identity

We worked with Tastie’s company values to develop and create a unique brand identity and website to match while ensuring the website highlighted their community spirit and camaraderie. The website we developed needed to showcase Aaron’s USP: his wealth of experience and insight in the hospitality industry, so we captured that sense of trustworthiness and professionalism in our design, copy and marketing. Part of this approach included highlighting Aaron’s connections with Michelin star chefs such as Tom Kerridge, Paul Ainsworth, and Michael Wignall.


Marketing Strategy

As Tastie was brand new in the market, we created a social media campaign to show a specialist, knowledgeable agency that would appeal to restaurateurs and people across the hospitality industry. We understand how essential marketing is for a brand new company. Thankfully, we’re a very hands-on, experienced team. We, alongside Aaron, developed marketing strategies via monthly meetings, during which we brought forth our market research to ensure our strategy attracted a varied target market within the hospitality sector, including both employers and candidates.

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The man is holding up a tablet with a control and application page for recruitment purposes.

Sales Funnels

Without an effective sales funnel, having a bold, engaging and confident brand identity and awareness campaign is useless. To ensure interest converted into applicants and recruiters, we created on-brand recruitment funnels for Tastie that ensured user experiences were crafted to their specific needs based on our collected data. Through our data analysis, we optimised and increased the conversion rates of Tastie’s recruitment funnels. 


The Perks of Working with Us

Through their bespoke, secured customer portal, Tastie had unlimited access to a dedicated account manager for phone and video conferencing, as well as a custom ticketing system through which they could send through any amendments, queries or technical issues they had and track their resolution throughout the journey.

Because Pegasus was established as a brand, we worked incredibly closely with their marketing team to ensure all marketing and new branding aligned with their company’s values and mission. We also helped the company grow its online presence and share its message through social media optimisation, particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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We have worked with WeAreHype for a number of years now. The friendly, approachable and easy to talk to team helped create our business concept and understood what was required to meet our goals. Hype supported us with the conceptualisation of our brand, development of our website, creating content in words and visual media and marketing the business through social media with sales funnels in place to help achieve our targets. Once we went live, Hype continued to work with us on our business strategy and still work with us to this day. We recommend Hype to anyone seeking professional marketing support.
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