Client: JWST

How we supported the launch of the largest optical telescope in space

Project Deliverables

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a space telescope developed by NASA, the European Space Agency (ESA), and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

As of December 2021, it will succeed the Hubble Space Telescope as NASA’s flagship astrophysics mission.

A monumental feat of engineering, this new telescope will provide improved infrared resolution and sensitivity over Hubble and enable a broad range of investigations across the fields of astronomy and cosmology, including observing some of the most distant events and objects in the universe.

The most complex telescope in the history of space exploration requires a website.

Not just any website — a website fit enough for worldwide media attention.

The JWST is the most fascinating and technological accomplishment in space exploration for this generation, and we at Hype were over the moon (see what we did there?) to work with JWST on this incredible project.

JWST needed an exciting, informative and engaging website that explained the science, technology and the passionate team of people behind the launch and development of the telescope. 

Due to the wealth of information we needed to cover, we broke the website into the three core areas of the telescope’s origins: science, technology and people.

The science section focused on explaining the telescope’s unique capabilities in easy-to-digest language.

Similarly, the technology section broke down the telescope into its parts, explained its engineering and functionality and highlighted what made this telescope so revolutionary. 

The third section, people, gave the human and personal side to the mission. We built this page to combine video and interactive features to give the website a more human touch.

JWST | Web Design and Development | Edinburgh Websites
JWST | Web Design and Development | Edinburgh Websites
JWST | Web Design and Development | Edinburgh Websites
JWST | Web Design and Development | Edinburgh Websites
JWST | Web Design and Development | Edinburgh Websites
JWST | Web Design and Development | Edinburgh Websites

The people section features video biographies of the engineers, scientists and researchers across the UK who were involved in the JWST. Beneath the video profiles is an interactive map of the UK that pinpoints the areas in which parts of the JWST were designed, produced, constructed and researched. However, the map isn’t static. 

We wanted to make the users feel involved and included in this section, so we added a third pinpoint on the map — activity. The activity pins highlight where events and activities related to JWST are taking place across the UK, allowing people to get involved with this historic event. 

We also built a custom resource network to showcase information about the JWST suitable for different audiences, including primary and secondary schools, science centres and museums, and everyday people. 

Because Pegasus was established as a brand, we worked incredibly closely with their marketing team to ensure all marketing and new branding aligned with their company’s values and mission. We also helped the company grow its online presence and share its message through social media optimisation, particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

JWST | Web Design and Development | Edinburgh Websites

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