Client: Chef Dave

Mastering the Art of Chef Dave: How we Created a Standout Brand and Online Presence for the World's First Non-Chinese, Chinese Master Chef.

Project Deliverables

Project Deliverables

Dave Critchley is a proud Scouser and the world’s first non-Chinese, Chinese Master Chef. He has worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants in the UK, all of which are integral to the unique Chef Dave brand. With his exceptional culinary skills and charismatic personality, Chef Dave has become a major influencer in the culinary world. He holds the prestigious honor of being appointed the first-ever international Master Chef apprentice in Chinese culinary arts, which demonstrates his expertise and commitment to his craft.

Aside from his culinary accomplishments, Chef Dave is also passionate about charity and community-based projects. He is the go-to chef for luxury lifestyle events, catering to high net-worth individuals such as celebrities, Liverpool Football Club, and notable politicians in the public eye. Chef Dave’s unique combination of talent, expertise, and philanthropic spirit has earned him a devoted following and a reputation as one of the most dynamic chefs in the industry.

Chef Dave’s brand needed a strong online presence to showcase his award-winning Chinese cuisine and Michelin Guide status. With a social media following of over 60,000, Chef Dave was the perfect brand for global collaborations.

The challenge was to create a brand identity that would personify Liverpool’s most enigmatic chef and showcase his sophistication and traditional style. The Chef Dave logo needed to be at the same level as his collaborations with established brands like Hugo Boss, Lee Kum Kee, Tilda Rice, TianJin Food Group, and Spearhead Whisky.

Hype, as specialists in brand identity, created a professional, engaging, and slick brand that personifies Chef Dave. The brand involved hand-drawn traditional Chinese calligraphy with a strong, timeless typeface.

The sophisticated and traditional design can be used throughout Chef Dave’s social media channels, website, and physical attributes such as chef whites, bespoke engraved knives, and more. The new logo is at the same level as Chef Dave’s collaborations with established brands, which helps to enhance the Chef Dave brand’s prestige.

Dave, a chef, gracefully practiced Chinese calligraphy on a notebook with a pencil.
A blue and white plate with chinese writing on it.
A bus stop with a poster of a chef named Dave.
A Chef holding an iPad with a menu on it.
A chef using a laptop with a picture of food on it.


Hype created a multi-level online platform featuring a sales funnel for private dining, which links to social media marketing campaigns. This provides potential customers with a seamless journey from initial contact through to booking a private dining experience. The website showcases Chef Dave’s Michelin Guide status and his award-winning Chinese cuisine.


Hype’s marketing initiative includes an ongoing social media campaign, content writing, content video creation, hashtag strategy, account optimization, and social verification. Hype successfully got Chef Dave’s social media account verified, which adds an extra layer of credibility to his online presence. Additionally,

Hype increased Chef Dave’s social media following by over 10,000 since working with him. These initiatives help to increase Chef Dave’s followers, enhance his online presence, and promote his brand to a wider audience. The ongoing social media campaign keeps Chef Dave top of mind with his followers, while the content creation and hashtag strategy provide value to his followers and showcase his expertise in the culinary world. Account optimisation ensures that Chef Dave’s social media profiles are always up to date, reflecting his latest accomplishments and collaborations.


Because Pegasus was established as a brand, we worked incredibly closely with their marketing team to ensure all marketing and new branding aligned with their company’s values and mission. We also helped the company grow its online presence and share its message through social media optimisation, particularly on Facebook and LinkedIn. 

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We have worked with WeAreHype for a number of years now. The friendly, approachable and easy to talk to team helped create our business concept and understood what was required to meet our goals. Hype supported us with the conceptualisation of our brand, development of our website, creating content in words and visual media and marketing the business through social media with sales funnels in place to help achieve our targets. Once we went live, Hype continued to work with us on our business strategy and still work with us to this day. We recommend Hype to anyone seeking professional marketing support.
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